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The idiot tyrants who rule us.

We are no longer living under the tyranny of a far away monarchy who wants to raise taxes on our imported tea or quarter troops in our homes.

We are instead ruled by a domestic, yet decadent ruling class who is without any discernible virtue and who is intent on destroying what generations built before them.

Civic virtue was once an important criterion for leadership. What would our founders think of our current American leaders? What would Marcus Aurelias think of them?

Name one who was a farmer, or even knows anything about farming. Name one who is an example of morality or ethical behavior. Name who would personally fight in any war they support now.

Past leaders like Julius Caesar and George Washington led soldiers into battle conquering foreign adversaries. They had skin in the game. Today, American leaders are incompetent diversity hires who have never personally accomplished anything – unless their grueling stint at Harvard is counted.

In other words, American leaders have never been through genuine hard times – no depression, no world war, unless you count that time the credit card machines were down during happy hour in the Bowery.

Of course our leaders want open borders and to let BLM racists burn down our cities. They continue to release violent criminals out of jail to commit more crime.

Why would a civil leader do that? They don’t do that in third-world dictatorships? Everyone should be asking our President and Vice President at every single news conference. But they don’t. They never ask those questions.

They do not want to serve you because they do not want to be you. They do not like you, they certainly do not love you. They are social climbers and status seekers. They will gladly send you or your children to die for Ukraine but will they? Of course not! They hate you, the middle class, and it shows.

But there is one thing they are really good at – destruction. They know how to destroy what others have built.

Need examples? American leaders in both Washington and corporate America are working tirelessly to make it easier to castrate your children and make them Trans. But why are they doing this new, cultish thing? Because doing this will further destroy our culture from within.

They’re also actively trying to dilute American citizen’s political representation via open borders.

We aren’t being defeated by a foreign adversary. No, the enemy is us. And it’s winning.

Imagine life 50 years from now. It’s 2073 and a 10 year old boy sits down with his grandfather and asks, “Grandpa, what it was like in the olden days?”

“Well, I remember the great gender wars like it was yesterday. Back then we only had 92 genders and most people didn’t even know what a Demi sexual two spirit queer and seeking person was. Those were tough times. But we pressed on.

“In those days I was an expert gamer – mainly Fortnite and Minecraft. It was crazy – I only had about 800 Twitter followers back then.

Grandpa what is fishing ? Well funny you ask because there was a virtual fishing game on Meta, and I caught the largest bass setting a record. “Wow” the boy exclaimed.

If you use Twitter, you’ll likely find that 99.999% of everything is noise, and the infinitesimally small remainder useful information.

While you may find some of the memes funny, you’re likely to grow bored with them, just as you would if your only meal each day was Captain Crunch.

The Left can’t meme but the Right can’t win they say. This sums up much of Twitter discourse these days with rare exceptions owed to Glenn Greenwalkd and few others like him.

Conservatives say if only their candidates would compromise on abortion, they might win over the angry women in Cambridge. Or childless gay suburbanites.

But if there’s anything that can be learned from the Left, it’s that sticking to your guns and putting the pedal to the floorboard is the only way to drive out the darkness they have brought to western civilization.

They continue to fire competent people only to replace them with incompetent diversity hire bigots who in turn destroy their own company.

Never give up, never surrender.

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