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Pride goeth before destruction

Episode 1 – Pride goeth before destruction

By now you’ve seen the ads, the media, the government social media accounts – June is Pride Month! Not National Dairy Month, or the first month your kids are out of school for summer, but gay sex pride month.

From the corporate messaging, the parades of dancing men in thongs with children cheering them on, and even the Department of Agriculture, you have been put on notice, you WILL celebrate pride…or else.

We are told, under pain of persecution or possibly imprisonment, that we must celebrate gay pride lest we be labeled a bigot. And as you know, there’s nothing Republican leaders fear more than being called a bigot…

We were told that we must support gay marriage because, after all, love is love. That was their mantra. Love is accepting. Love is innocent and their love should be celebrated. If you don’t agree, you are a hateful person they say. And love blindly accepts all lifestyles, no matter one’s religious beliefs. This Love, they preach, transcends your narrow-minded religious mores. If you dare cite religious opposition to same sex marriages, for example, you are literally filled with hate and must be silenced and shunned from society.

Above all, they told us that their Love was accepting, tolerant even. All they wanted was the same treatment heterosexual couples got – to get married like the rest of the straight folks. That’s all, nothing more. Jesus was a liberal they said. Jesus never taught homosexuality was sinful, they explained, skillfully plying on your meekness.

Of course they don’t read or adhere to the Bible, but they will quote it in a heartbeat if the siuation suits them. No shame in this game.

And then Pat Robertson died. And those same Love is Love people immediately went to social media to express their own tolerance of that old evangelical christian:






Now wait a minute! That doesn’t sound like Love is Love you wonder. That doesn’t resemble any kind of tolerance you’ve ever seen. But you see, that is where you are mistaken. The kind of Love these people have is different from the Love you were taught in Sunday School.

You were taught to love your enemies and pray for those who spitefully use you. You were taught to turn the other cheek when struck. But that’s not real love you see. Real love means saying one thing to gain political power, and once you have that power, to mercilessly crush all your enemies when you’re in charge.

Their love is the ruthless, vengeful kind – The only kind of love that is welcome in their tribe.

So when you see the Pride Flag flying above our government buildings, and plastered on government social media accounts, you can be certain that it’s not about Love at all – it’s about domination and degradation.

That Flag is a symbol of their total domination over you, your culture, your country and your faith. You will know your place and you will not blaspheme their sexual cult.

Solomon once wrote, “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.”

You can consider a man’s virtue, not by who his friends are, but by who his enemies are. “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first,” Jesus said.

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