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Double standard democrats.

On June 30, The Supreme Court held that The First Amendment prohibits the government from forcing a business owner to make a gay wedding website.

Well of course this enraged the Left and their mainstream media mouthpieces because there’s nothing more they love than sticking a giant middle finger in the face of Christian Americans. The Left hates any religion that isn’t part of their orthodox religious network, which would include DEI, sexual transmogrification or Climate Change.

From the American Bar Association:

But the first sentence is factually sadly true: Religion has been used to justify discrimination, including slavery and the Holocaust. The second sentence is expressing an opinion that it is wrong to use religion as a basis for hurting others. That is not hostility to religion, but expressing the view that people should not be able to exercise their rights in a way that harms others.

See there bigot? If you don’t bake a gay wedding cake, you’re in te same category with those who were involved in Slavery and even the Holocaust!

The diverse and equitable hires at the ACLU asked the Court to reject the First Amendment as a defense:
“The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Colorado filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to reject the First Amendment challenge to a Colorado civil rights law requiring businesses open to the public to treat customers equally.”

The ACLU actually took the sides against the first amendment. If you wanted a country of the dumbest lawyers, doctors and policy makers, diversity is sure to get us there.

You could hear them fume over their soy vanilla lattes – First they outlawed baby murder, then they struck down racist college admissions, then they refused to stick the taxpayer with Berkley Grad students’ loans and now this!

The supreme court decision prompted responses such as businesses posting that they “only sell to churches who fly pride flags” and that there would be “no sales to Trump supporters!

And the law professors weighed in too:

“Adam Winkler, a constitutional law professor at UCLA, wanted to pierce the corporate veil of Masterpiece Bakeshop because the company is separate from the man who runs the company. “The professors note that Phillips states the case involves “his artistic expression” and his personal religious beliefs — not those of Masterpiece Bakeshop. The sole incorporator of the cake shop is actually an attorney,… and it’s not even chartered as a religious organization.”

You get that? If you don’t register and charter your church as an officially recognized religious organization, it’s illegal, just like in China! So now you know what you’ll get if UCLA law professors run your country. Register your church with the state bigot or face jail time!

How many states are doing this? 21 states currently – almost half of America want to punish believers.

They want to hurt all those who believe differently and who have different values and morals – hence the $135,000 fine against the Colorado baker. They have announced their own jihad against Christian normies.

But wait! You might remember not that long ago the Left cheered when Twitter, Paypal and GoFundMe refused service to people who didn’t vote Democrat. And large banks froze the Freedom Convoy trucker accounts in Canada. Private businesses can but all the Covid vaccines they’ve taken have made them completely immune to hypocrisy.

In 2014, a Denver man requested a Bible-shaped cake decorated with an image of two grooms covered by a red X, plus the words “God hates sin. Psalm 45:7” and “Homosexuality is a detestable sin. Leviticus 18:22.”

But the owner refused to make the cake because it did not conform to her moral beliefs. She did, however, offer to sell him a Bible-shaped cake and provide an icing bag so that he could decorate it as he saw fit.
o whatever they please, they screamed!

Just like the gay couple did, the man filed a complaint with the civil rights commission – what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, you were told. But the civil rights commission disagreed, the baker’s refusal was based not on the customer’s religion, but on the cake’s particular message.

Remember what we said about sophistry? A double standard is no standard at all. But 100% of Democrats are totally fine with that…for now.

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