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Corporate media sucks

This is how the corporations try to influence and control you.

Youtube is not your friend. No publicly traded corporation is. They are not the good guys. They demonetize anyone who counters the extreme left’s orthodoxy.

For example, they demonetized Lotuseaters. They are all in on trans. Which means war against Christians.

Why Twitter matters – It is owned by one man who is its biggest user. As long as Elon remains in charge and stays true to his commitment to the first amendment, then Twitter becomes the biggest threat to the corporate establishment media.

Notice how the corporate media all speaks from the same page, whether it be about the Ukraine war, January 6, vaccines, or transgender ideology. Most of congress reads from the same script.

If corporate media were to break that cycle and allow differing opinions to speak on air about transgenderism or vaccine mandates, for example, then you’d see a lot different american policies on these suubjects. People are easily influenced and therefore controlled by what they watch and listen to.

Why are they so afraid of speech? That tells you everything about them. They do not want to allow you to speak. Only their speech is allowed. Has there ever been a just person who acted that way? No.

Make them suffer from their own policies. The only way to end this, is to make them eat their own cooking. They must suffer from their own policies they impose on the rest of us.

Just consider only 250 illegal migrants being shipped to Chicago and their hysterical reaction to it. But publicly displaying their hypocrisy has no effect because they aren’t capable of shame.

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