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Corporate media sucks

This is how the corporations try to influence and control you. Youtube is not your friend. No publicly traded corporation is. They are not the good guys. They demonetize anyone who counters the extreme left’s orthodoxy. For example, they demonetized Lotuseaters. They are all in on trans. Which means war against Christians. Why Twitter matters

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Double standard democrats.

On June 30, The Supreme Court held that The First Amendment prohibits the government from forcing a business owner to make a gay wedding website. Well of course this enraged the Left and their mainstream media mouthpieces because there’s nothing more they love than sticking a giant middle finger in the face of Christian Americans.

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The idiot tyrants who rule us.

We are no longer living under the tyranny of a far away monarchy who wants to raise taxes on our imported tea or quarter troops in our homes. We are instead ruled by a domestic, yet decadent ruling class who is without any discernible virtue and who is intent on destroying what generations built before

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